Shed pounds and inhibitions.
Outside In.
We believe the only workout worth doing is the one you look forward to. We also know – and science supports – that getting outside makes us more connected to our health, creativity, and community. Basic Training makes easy work of getting fit by maintaining personal focus, proven principles, and a healthy sense of adventure.
You don’t need the gym—we’ll help you build strength and definition without walls, mirrors or fifty different machines. Our full-body resistance workouts are designed to build lean muscle in every area of your body.
We run. We jump. We skip. We run some more. And we do it from the open vistas of Crissy Field to the hills of the Presidio and the dreaded sand stairs of Baker Beach. Log the miles with us and you’ll come out faster, leaner and maybe even a little inspired. You haven’t seen San Francisco until you’ve seen it from the trail.
Speed and power
We develop unique circuit training routines that engage your full body in intense, sudden bursts. This type of exertion will help you develop speed and power you can use in every element of your day, from chasing your kids to improving your reaction time.
Our instructors are competitive athletes, so we know how to help you meet your goals for that 10K, marathon, Ironman and beyond.
No workout routine is effective unless it’s designed with you in mind. We will teach you proper body mechanics, the whys and hows behind each exercise, and how to achieve safe, correct form for your body.
If you stick with our routine four days a week, one hour a day, you’ll be a different person in six weeks. And you’ll have a whole new set of friends. There is no better bonding experience than push-ups at 6 AM.

Laughter is the best medicine for a tough workout. Our clients find that working out with a group inspires everyone to go above and beyond. And it’s definitely more interesting than you, your iPod and your elliptical trainer.


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