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Jennifer Pattee
Jenn’s not going to lie to you: she signed up for her first bootcamp to meet guys. Okay, and to lose fifteen pounds. She achieved both results, along with a few others she didn’t expect: three 50-mile ultramarathons, one Ironman relay, and five races down (and up and down and up) the famous Dipsea trail. But most importantly she discovered a new career, becoming one of BootcampSF’s most popular instructors and the Bay Area’s most sought after personal trainer. In 2008, Jenn founded Basic Training to fill the void for others like her: those who join an outdoor training program with modest goals only to discover their innate athletic ability. She and her team of instructors lead groups of dedicated amateur athletes off the beaten path, with scenic trail runs and innovative cross-training routines designed to increase endurance, flexibility, core strength and speed. Sign up for personal training with Jenn here.

jenn@basictrainingsf.com | Facebook | Tel: (415) 519-6483

Alex Ho
Alex knows how to Ho-tivate you. Versatile and fun-loving, he was converted to Basic Training after his first session in 2009. He found that the strength of the group brought out his own – something he’s eager to bring out in you now that he’s an instructor. Having spent his childhood in Denver and college in Seattle, Alex is no stranger to outdoor workouts, but his favorite climes are right here in the city. He’ll have you running for the hills and seeking out breathtaking views (literally) in no time. When he’s not on the city streets, you can catch him on the trails or in the yoga studio. (Or both: he's Basic Training's hiking yoga guru.) Ask him about his goals this year – and don’t be surprised when he's inspired you to join him. Sign up for personal training with Alex here.

alex@basictrainingsf.com | Facebook | Tel: (415) 518-4313

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