About Basic Training SF

Founded by Jennifer Pattee in 2008, Basic Training SF is a fitness community that provides people with training, resources, support, and essential knowledge no matter where they are in relation to their physical health.

Jenn initially began exercising in the same capacity as many others. While she was a more eager athlete in college, post-grad reality left her feeling stressed, tired, and disheartened. But when she pulled herself up and began taking boot camp classes, everything changed. It wasn’t long before she began pushing herself to intense physical feats, like ultramarathons and Ironman relays.

Through her newfound participation in athletics, Jenn regained a love for her body and control over her life. Basic Training was born out of her desire to give that passion and feeling of fulfillment to others. And while Jenn is moving on to her next career adventure, the legacy she built through Basic Training SF lives on and will continue to help people grow and thrive.


In with The New

Catapulting from the love, sweat, and dedication that Jennifer Pattee poured into this organization, the team behind Basic Training SF is hitting the ground running. With such a solid foundation already in place and a priority list that puts individual needs and abilities at the top, we are here to carry on Jenn’s mission and expand in new directions to reach and urge even more folks to succeed in their fitness journeys.

Who We Are

The team behind Basic Training SF is a dedicated crew of athletes, trainers, and fitness enthusiasts. Each individual brings with them unique skills and insight into the vast world of fitness and health. It’s through that diversity that we are able to provide such in-depth reviews and recommendations of equipment and fitness trends that we find not only effective, but deeply enriching to our community.

We have all struggled throughout our own fitness journeys to find the type of activity that allows us to meet our physical goals while also thriving in our lives. Our team understands that it’s a tricky balance to find, and we have made it our collective goal to help other people find their own unique direction in the gigantic, sometimes confusing world of exercise.


Our Mission

Fitness is one of the most common search topics on the internet. Folks all over the world –whether they are new to exercise or seasoned experts – are constantly seeking new and better ways to achieve their goals. And because there is such a huge demand, the health and fitness industry has risen to the challenge and provided an immense wealth of tools and equipment that aspiring strength trainers and athletes of all sorts can utilize.

But with so many options to choose from, it can be incredibly daunting to weed through all the options to find the best road to success. That’s where Basic Training SF really comes into play. Our mission is to provide our community with thorough reviews of strategically vetted equipment to develop their home gyms. We also provide support and give tips on how to incorporate exercise into your daily life.

We understand that the average person is busy and may not have hours of free time every day or thousands of dollars to dedicate to pricey exercise equipment. It is with this in mind that we go through our rigorous review process to make high-quality suggestions that you can count on.


Let Us Help You!

The Basic Training SF team is eager to assist you in meeting your fitness goals by facilitating healthy exercise habits. Individually, our team members have experienced the intimidating process of choosing exercise programs and equipment. We know it can be frightening to do on your own and can even hinder you from diving in and succeeding.

But with our skilled team of fitness experts at your side and the wealth of resources Basic Training SF can provide to you, we are positive that, just like Jennifer Pattee years ago, you too can find your exercise niche and thrive.

We’re here to help. Feel free to contact us with any question, suggestion or comment at contact@basictrainingsf.com



Basic Training SF Team