About Basic Training SF

Basic Training SF started out as an outdoor training program located in San Francisco, it is now an online fitness training info and review site. It was founded by Keith and Ronald Davies, a health and fitness enthusiast. Along with like-minded friends, Keith and Ronald put up this site as an online community for like-minded people - a go-to site for everyone interested in keeping their bodies fit and healthy.

Compared to other enthusiasts, Ronald started his fitness journey pretty late. At 30, he was really out of shape, thanks to all those pizzas, booze and being a certified couch potato. A few shortness of breath incidents eventually prompted a trip to the doctor who convinced him to take charge of his health and get in shape fast.

Our Team 

Just like Keith and Ronald, each member of the Basic Training SF team has their own unique story on how they started into fitness. But they all share one burning passion - they are all dedicated to sharing their knowledge and help others achieve their fitness goals. Composed of trainers, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts, each has his or her own unique set of skills and insights in their respective areas of expertise.

The Team’s Mission 

One of the hardest decisions all fitness enthusiasts must make is choosing the right exercise equipment. With the mind-boggling number of brands and models out there, not everyone has the time to sift through all available information and weight the pros and cons of each exercise equipment.

That’s where Basic Training SF comes in.

We made it our mission to help equipment buyers make intelligent buying decisions as they source the right equipment for their home gym.

We do this by providing high-quality suggestions through our various gears and equipment reviews.

Basic Training SF is also here to provide support to everyone as they go through their fitness journey.

The site also contains tons of resources useful to anyone on a quest for a healthy body such as tips on cardio and strength training, weight loss, and even workouts to try at home.

Thanks for joining us!

Ronald Davies

Ronald Davies