Advantages and Disadvantages of Working Out at Home

Are you sick and tired of crowded gyms and their high fees? On the flip side, are you bored and have had enough of working out alone at home? Maybe you’re newly committed to a fitness regimen and don’t know where to start.  To help you make up your mind, we are going to list and compare the advantages and disadvantages of building and using your own home gym.

Advantages of Working Out at Home

You do not have to pay for gym membership.

You can save money by avoiding high fees but still have all the equipment you need in your home. That means that instead of paying a monthly fee to go the local gym, you can invest in durable and high-quality workout equipment.

You don’t have to travel.

Unless you are lucky enough to have a gym that suits your needs just a few blocks down the road, it’s more likely that you have to drive or take public transportation to the gym. That means that you will also have to pay for both the membership and fuel or fares. If you work out at home, all of that can be avoided.

There is no need to worry about your appearance.

You don’t need the cutest yoga gear or high-tech sweat-wicking fabrics.  You can wear old sweats from the last year – yes, the ones with the holes in them – if that’s what you want. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about any imperfections you might see in your body.  At home, nobody will be looking at you and judging you.

No one will bother you.

Sometimes even having your headphones on is not enough. Popular and crowded gyms tend to have many people who yell, talk, or otherwise distract you. If you exercise at home then you can listen to the songs you want to without anyone complaining.

It is also not unusual at crowded gyms to see people get into trouble or start fighting. You can avoid all this drama by staying at your home.

You can work out whenever you want to.

If you wake up in the middle of night and decide it’s time to work out, then you can do it. However, not all gyms are open 24/7 and very often you have to wait to find available equipment at popular times.

You might motivate other members of your household.

This might sound corny, but it is true. If your children or roommates see you working out, then they might want to try it out themselves. If you can motivate or persuade at least one person to start having a healthier life and improve their looks, then why not?

Many people like working out in pairs, and if you have a partner who gets motivated to work out, you can help her or him to get into the whole routine. This type of activity can make the bonds between people stronger and freshen up relationships.

workout at home

Disadvantages of Working Out at Home

It’s hard to do in a small space.

If you live in a small apartment, then the lack of space might be a problem. Not many people are lucky enough to have their own room for working out or a garage. If you live in a tiny room, then you won’t be able to exercise to the fullest.

You might not have the right type of equipment.

Gyms provide all types of different equipment and some of them are either impossible to purchase at the consumer level or too expensive to be practical. In that case it is simply easier to go to the gym.

You can get lonely.

Socializing at the gym can be fun; you can make friends and find motivation. If you are the type of person who easily gets demotivated, or you crave being surrounded by people, then going to the gym might be a better option.

Building a home gym can be expensive.

You might have the motivation and some money, but the cost of building a home gym that would suit your end goals might be too high. Put down on the paper the cost of equipment and compare it to a year of monthly gym membership fees. See how long you’d have to use the home equipment before it started saving you money.

There is nobody to help you.

This is especially important for newbies. If you are at the gym but are suddenly unsure what to do next or how to use a certain machine, you can always find a trainer or someone more experienced to help you out. However, if you are at home, you would have to work it out on your own or consult online tutorials, which might be dangerous.  Certain exercises require you to have a spotter for safety reasons.


As you can see, exercising at home and going to the gym both have advantages and disadvantages.

It all comes down to what type of person you are and what motivates you. If you are a friendly and outgoing person who finds motivation and passion when surrounded by a bunch of people, then going to the gym is for you. After all, it can be a great place for making friends, contacts, and simply having fun.

Staying at home is not a bad choice either, as long as you do not get lonely and have enough space. A lack of space and good equipment can be problematic because you won’t be able to work out properly. If you are not able to work out properly, you may not get the full results for your time and effort.

It also depends on how much time, space, and money you have. Sometimes having a certain type of personality and motivation is not enough. Perhaps working out at home suits you the best, but you can’t afford all the needed equipment. That’s okay – just try to find a smaller and less crowded gym while you are saving up for your own home gym.

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