Nautilus R616 Recumbent Bike Review

Exercising always seems like a good idea until you actually have to deal with the discomfort that comes with it. We’re pretty sure most can relate to this, right? But don’t worry because there’s a solution for that.  Nautilus offers a quick fix to this with the R616 Recumbent Bike. This machine combines comfort with exercise due to its reclined design.

The extended legs and reclined back make it easier to exercise because body weight is evenly distributed. At the same time, this also makes it easier on the joints with less impact while still providing cardio.  More than this, it also combines the latest innovations in technology to make the most out of any home exercise.

This Nautilus R616 Recumbent Bike review takes a closer look at the bike and what it has to offer you.

Why You Should Choose Nautilus R616 Recumbent Bike?

It’s for you if:

  • You need a low impact exercise machine.
  • You want something that’s ergonomic.
  • You want full access to technological innovations.
  • You want a system that will help keep you cool while exercising.
  • You need a system that you can tailor according to your needs.
  • You want a machine that runs quietly.

It’s not for you if:

  • You only want a simple stationary bike.
  • You don’t want something that runs on electricity.
  • You need more than just cardio workout programs.
  • You want something compact.

Quick Specs

  • Price: Under $600
  • Warranty: 10 years for frame, 2 years for mechanical parts, 1 year for electronic parts and 90 days for labor 
  • Shipping: Free
  • Assembly: 1 hour or less
  • Size & Weight: Under 100 lbs, 64 x 27 x 50 inches

Special Features

  • Large console and view
  • DualTrack LCD window screen with blue backlighting
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • USB charging ports
  • 29 programs to choose from including Quick start, 4 user profiles, 1 recovery test, 2 fitness test, 12 profiles and 9 heart rate control.
  • Padded contoured seat with ventilated backrest.
nautilus r616 console
nautilus r616 features
  • Aluminum side railing and grip heart rate handlebars.
  • Acoustic chambered speakers.
  • 25 eddy current levels of resistance.
  • nce.
  • Smooth and quiet workout with high inertia and high speed perimeter weighted flywheel.
  • Cooling fan with 3 speeds.
  • Up to 300 lbs maximum weight capacity.
  • Adjustable sliding seat.


  • Cooling System - Even with low impact exercises, you can’t avoid getting hot and sweaty. This recumbent bike helps address that issue with it’s ventilation. The holes throughout the contoured backrest allow airflow as you lean back and exercise keeping you cool. If that’s not enough, it is also outfitted with a  three-speed fan to make sure you stay as cool as possible while working out.
  • Dual LCD Display - Nautilus sees to it that monitoring your progress while working out comes easily. Thanks to the DualTrack display that has two backlit LCD monitors, it’s easy to see what’s going on even if you have a  device or some other thing propped up. The backlights on the screens also make it easier to see the data without having to position the bike near a light source.
  • Cardiac Monitoring - Keeping track of your heart rate comes easily with this machine. It can be done by connecting the proper device to the bike since it is telemetry enabled. It can also be monitored through touch with the help of the grip heart rate programs that can be used alongside cardiac programs. 
  • Loud and Clear Sounds - Whether you just want to hear the instructions for your workout clearly, or want to groove to your favorite jams while exercising, the R616 makes it possible. With its acoustic chambered speakers, you can expect to have quality sounds. 
  • Technologically Equipped - This is one of the best recumbent bike with the modern user in mind. Not only does is provide built in programs, but it has 25 eddy resistance levels of current. It also has bluetooth connectivity for the Nautilus Connect fitness app or other apps. Expect to find a USB charging port on the bike as well. 


  • Steady Back - Although this bike is in a reclined position, the backrest remains in a steady position. This means that you cannot adjust it to fit any specific angle that you would like to be at. 
  • Owner’s Manual Download - With a console having numerous options and settings, you will definitely need a manual to start using it. However, don’t expect to find it in the box. You will need to download it on your own before you can start using any of the programs. 
  • LCD Console Height - The large console does come with a downside to it as well. Positioned to be in clear view during exercise, this may obscure any other view. If you
    were hoping to watch TV or catch a good view out the window, you will have to position your bike accordingly.
  • Possible Technical Issues - As with any machine or device that runs with today’s innovations, it’s possible to run across problems with settings or basic functions. Although these machines do go through quality control, there may be a chance of glitches with your connectivity, system programs and other technological aspects. 

This bike is great and it is beginning to change my life. Super-quiet (I can ride any hour of the day or night and not worry about disturbing neighbors in apartments above, below, and on either side of me), and nice, smooth operation of the pedals and flywheel.”

-  AJS (verified buyer)


Your first look at the Nautilus R616 Recumbent Bike may leave you wondering why it's different from any its of contemporaries. I really like this bike because it packs quite a lot of surprises despite looking simple.

The large view on the console and the dual window is a big plus for me because it makes everything  easy to see even when you are seated in a reclining position. Add to that the fact that it comes with bluetooth connectivity and USB charging ports are major points too.

For a machine this price, it is durable and runs smoothly and quietly too. Overall, I would say that if you have this in mind and something a little beyond your usual stationary bike, it is a good buy.