Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike Review

Technology had been giving us exercise machines that fit inside our home. That’s amazing considering the benefits of building your home gym. Think about the cost you are going to save because you don’t need to pay gym subscriptions. And how about the convenience of getting fit anytime!

Now speaking of machines, one of the most popular nowadays are recumbent exercise bikes. However, due to its popularity, a lot of companies had made their own models and versions. You would be surprised about the equipment’s features and specifications. But don’t be fooled by such. It doesn’t mean that when a recumbent bike has the most high-tech features, it will be the perfect one for you. More often than not, you have to consider your needs, your preference and of course, your budget.

Therefore, choosing a recumbent bike for you can be tough. But don’t worry, we are here to help. On point today, the Schwinn 230 recumbent bike. Let’s see if this is the right one.

Schwinn 230 Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

It is best for you if:

  • You are a beginner in doing workout routines
  • You are willing to pay more to get more features
  • You have back problems but still want to exercise
  • You have limited space
  • You want to use multiple apps to check your fitness routines
  • You are  are at least below 300 pounds

This is the NOT for you if:

  • You wish for stronger resistance
  • You have an issue with unsteady seats
  • You are taller than average people
  • You prefer longer warranty for your product

Quick Specs

  • Type: Recumbent 
  • Levels of Resistance: 20 
  • Flywheel weight: 13 pounds 
  • Capacity: 300 pounds max 
  • Dimensions: 12.5" X 66.5" X 27" 

Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike: Special Features

Here are some features of the Schwinn 230:

  • It is built with a dual track LCD that allows you to view 13 displays at the same time. Each display shows you data about your routine.
  • Has the "Schwinn Connect" which shows you data about your fitness goals, making sure that you are up to date
  • Contains 22 different programs for you to choose from as well as 2 user settings, one for you and another for your spouse.
  • USB port for charging and data transfer
schwinn 230 features

Pros and Cons of the Schwinn 230

Like any recumbent bikes out on the market, the Schwinn 230 also has its own set of pros and cons. It is important that you are aware of these so you can gauge if you still want to get it.


  • Ease of access - Because the Schwinn 230 does not have a bar, you have easier access to the machine than upright exercise bikes. It is also closer to the ground, making it more comfortable. 
  • Durability - The Schwinn 230 is very lightweight compared to other recumbent exercise bikes. It also has a center frame that added more support. This gives it stability and durability even for someone up to 300 pounds.
  • Fitness program software - It includes multiple pre-installed fitness programs that you can choose from. It varies from beginner to expert, giving you the best routine for your level. 
  • Data transfer via USB - The product also supports fitness tracking, which can be transferred to your phone or smartwatches through USB. 
  • Dual Profiles - It allows you to set two user profiles per machine, making it easier to have customized settings for you and your spouse. 
  • Built-in Heart rate monitor - This is useful if you have a condition where you need to keep track of your heart rate.
  • Music - Built-in sound systems that allow you to play music while you are exercising through the system monitors.


  • Lightweight flywheel - The weighted flywheel (transport wheels), or the part of the device that you pedal, is only about thirteen pounds. This is good for average riders, but not enough if you want stronger resistance levels. 
  • Seats - The seat is quite wobbly, making exercise difficult. It is also hard and uncomfortable, though a little padding could make up for it. 
  • Height disadvantage - Because the Schwinn 230 is closer to the ground, this product is very inconvenient for tall people, as they tend to have longer legs. 
  • Packaging - For an expensive machine, the Schwinn 230 is packed very lightly. Sometimes, some of the parts are dented when it arrives. 
  • Faulty Monitor - The heart rate monitor doesn't work sometimes. 
  • Less Warranty - Though you get a lifetime guarantee on the frame, the mechanical parts only have a warranty for two years. The electronic parts only have one year, and labor is only free for the first three months. 
  • No international shipping - This product can only be purchased from within the United States of America. 

"I really love this bike. After using my old recumbent bike for more than a decade, I needed to junk it. I did a lot of research before buying my second bike. After reading several reviews, I am torn between the Schwinn 230 and the newer model. But I'm happy I made the right choice. The 230 model us quiet, comfy, and it does its work properly. A lot of people complained about the hard seats, but for me, it wasn't too bad. I simply add a cushion. It wasn't that hard to assemble - my hubby did it in an hour. Overall a great product! "

-  Teachah Lady, Verified Buyer 

Our Takeaway

So, let's see. Is the Schwinn 230 the best recumbent bike for you? Well, it depends on a lot of factors.

Since the flyweight is only 13 pounds, this product is perfect if you are a beginner. Using higher weights is not good if you are not used to exercising, and the Schwinn 230's 13-pound flyweight is good for beginners.

Durability can be an issue if you are on the heavier side and would want to use it regularly due to its short lifespan and small warranty.

However, It is cheaper than its competitors on the market, listing between 400-600 USD. If you are able to buy this on sale, it would be perfect.

In short, use this product if you are a beginner. If you are used to heavier exercises, you need to look for other options.

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