Best Road Bike Wheels For The Money 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

Important tip to always remember when purchasing wheels for your bike is to buy wheels with deep section rims. Although lighter tires are important, aerodynamics is much more important.

Best Road Bike Wheels For The Money

Our complete guide and review will help you decide what to look for when buying the high-quality road bike wheels. We hand-picked 10 of the best road wheels which are important for any racer, rider or work out enthusiast. They are affordable, high quality and best value for your hard earned money.

Best Road Bike Wheels for the money Comparison

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5 Top Road Bike Wheel Reviews 2019

1. Superteam Carbon Fiber Road Bike Wheels

Main Features

  • It features high quality material; Toray T700c Full Carbon Fiber
  • Rim type is clincher
  • They weigh 1565g
  • Superteam Carbon Fiber Road Bike Wheels have passed EN quality standard test
  • Brake pads are included
  • Rim weave is matte
  • Rim size is 700C
These are awesome carbon wheels for the money. Being made of carbon, the bike will feel lighter and ride faster. They come with a 1 year warranty under a normal usage. The maximum recommended rider weight should not exceed 120KG.
blankSuperteam Carbon Fiber Road Bike Wheels

Superteam Carbon Fiber Road Bike Wheels are one of the bestsellers for their superior features and advantages.

Carbon has been used in the entire rim construction. The wheels are aerodynamically designed for bike racers and anyone looking for lightweight wheels. Despite the wheels depth of 50mm and width of 23mm, they weigh only 1565g.

  • Affordable
  • Made of Carbon material which is a lightweight material
  • The wheels comes with a 1 year warranty
  • Enhanced braking
  • The wheels cannot support weight of above 120 kg.

2. MTB Mountain Bike Bicycle Carbon Hub Wheels

Main Features

  • They suitable for 8, 9, 10, 11 speed
  • Features sealed bearing carbon hub
  • MTB Mountain Bike Bicycle wheels weigh about 1800g
  • Has 26inch milling trilateral Alloy Rim
  • They can be fitted to a 1.0 to 2.3 inch tire
  • They are suitable for 6 hole
They make the best mountain bike wheel set because of their features. The sealed bearing carbon hub makes the bike feel stronger and lighter.
blankMTB Mountain Bike Bicycle Carbon Hub Wheels

They perfectly fit 1 to 2.3inch tires and offer fast and release tapes.

  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Strong
  • Warranty is not specified

3. SunRise Bike Carbon Fiber Bike Wheelset

Main Features

  • They come with a 1 year warranty
  • Weighs 1600g
  • Spoke is CN494 black
  • Rim size is 700C by 50mm Cylinder
  • The wheels have passed EN quality standard test
  • Rim finish is 3k Matte
  • Maximum rider weight recommended is 120kg
  • materials of SunRise Bike 25mm U-Shape Wheel 50mm is Carbon fiber Toray T700
SunRise Bike 25mm U-Shape Wheel are one of our top handpicked road bike wheels. They come with a 1 year warranty and with only a weight of 1600g; they feel light weight on the road making them perfect to climb a hill or race.
blankSunRise Bike Carbon Fiber Bike Wheelset

Made of Carbon fiber Toray T700, a quality product that is guaranteed high performance and durability of your wheels.

  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • They are made up of Carbon fiber Toray T700, a quality material
  • The wheels cannot support a person weighing more than 120kg

4. Sunrise Bike Carbon Road Wheels Reviews

Main Features

  • Weight of the wheels is 1630g
  • Material is Carbon Fiber Toray T700
  • Rim finish is 3k Matte
  • The wheels have passed EN quality standard test
  • They have 2 years warranty
  • They feature Basalt Braking Surface
  • Maximum recommended rider weight is 120kg
  • Has front 20 spoke holes and 24 spoke holes in the back
  • Rim size is 700Cx50mm Clincher
  • Cassette body is Shimano 8/9/10/11 speed
  • The accessories that are included with the wheels are brake pads and quick release basalt braking surface
  • Rim Width is 23mm
Just like with other sunrise wheels, they are made up of carbon Fiber Toray T700 which is a quality material.
blankSunrise Bike Carbon Road Wheels Reviews

They come with 2 year warranty and important accessories such as brake pads and braking surface that are extremely useful for your bicycle.

They are also one of the lightest and affordable wheels in our list. Their color can match any bike, feature Basalt Braking Surface and have passed EN quality standard test.

  • They have 2 years warranty
  • They are light weight
  • The wheels are made of premium quality, Carbon Fiber Toray T700
  • Maximum recommended rider weight is not more than 120kg

5. ICAN Carbon Road Bike 700C Wheels Clincher

Main features

  • They come with 2 years warranty
  • They feature 38mm depth, 23mm wide Carbon rim
  • ICAN Carbon Road Bike 700C Wheels weighs only 1370 grams
  • Rider weight limit is 100kg
  • ICAN Standard Hub 2 sealed bearings
  • Cassette is Shimano 10/11 Speed
  • They perfectly fit 700x23c and 700x25c tire
  • They feature Sapim spokes
  • Accessories include 1 skewer, 2 brake pads ad 1 rim tape
ICAN Carbon Road Bike 700C Wheels are perfect for climbing and sprinting because of their superior features. ICAN standard hub is a lightweight alloy hub shell. Many bikers have praised the high performance and durability of ICAN wheels.
blankICAN Carbon Road Bike 700C Wheels Clincher

They also have a unique carbon construction of layers that makes the ICAN wheels lighter and stronger than other wheels.

  • They are perfect for professional road racers due to their superior features
  • They are light weight and yet strong
  • They have excellent aerodynamics
  • Rider weight limit is only 100kg

Importance of broad bike wheels

Better Bike performance

Buying the right road bike wheels or upgrading your old wheels will improve the performance of your bike. Wheels can be pricy and getting the high-quality road bike wheels for the money can be a daunting task.

If you commute a lot on bad roads (roads with potholes and rough terrain), you definitely need to upgrade your wheels. A good set of wheels will increase the performance of your bike in bad roads.

Also, going for lighter wheels will automatically improve the performance of your bike. If you participate in bike racing, you need a wheel set with an aerodynamic edge. These are the type of wheels that have an extra materials extending down from the rim.

These kinds of wheels are perfect for racing because they aid the rim to cut through the wind. They improve the performance of your bike in terms of speed and this is a big advantage if you participate in sports with your bike.

Wheels are Comfortable

Most people are not satisfied with the wheels that come with their bikes. This is because; sometimes they are not comfortable. The road bike wheels are more comfortable than ever. You should consider upgrading to new ones which will add extra capabilities to your bike.

Comfort is everything when riding your bike. Not only you enjoy when riding a bike with comfortable wheels but you benefit from their high performance. This eventually reduces your fatigue during your ride.

The road bike wheels have wider tires. Wider tires have more air and the result is more comfort with your bike. If you want to increase comfort with your bike, lower your tire pressure. This tip is perfect especially on the rough roads.

They are High Quality

Most bikes are bought with low quality wheels while the upgraded bike wheels come with great components. They have superior quality which will really bring your bike to life. You need to replace those low quality and heavy wheels to lightweight climbing wheels.

With upgraded road wheels, climbing a hill or taking a corner with your bike will not be a challenge. Wheels are manufactured using 2 types of materials. They are carbon and Alloy. Carbon wheels have gained immense popularity because of their braking and aerodynamic performance.

Carbon road bike wheels are also preferred by people who participate in bike racing. These are the types of wheels you will see in Tour de France and other races because of their superior quality and performance. They also look stylish and sleek.

With a quality wheel set for your favorite bike, you will notice that the road feels nice riding on it. Tires also contribute to quality of a wheel. They will be in contact with the ground hence they need to be manufactured from a high quality rubber.

A good tire should have durable rubber that should stay for a long time before it wears down. It should be lightweight so as to improve acceleration of the bike.

Wheels are Lightweight

If weight is a big concern with your bike, it is a high chance you upgrade your wheels with the ones reviewed here. If your old wheels weigh over 2kg, you can halve that with new ones. Here are the advantages of having light wheels;

  • Light weight road bike wheels are more responsive
  • They are perfect for hill climbing
  • They accelerate quickly
  • They are affordable

It is a fact that carbon road bike wheels are lightweight unlike wheels with Aluminum rims. Depending on the brands I have reviewed here, carbon wheels are faster than Aluminum ones.

Greater Strength and Durability

There is nothing wrong with investing your money on something that you love. Bikes are modes of transport and investing on wheels that have greater strength and durability will boost our morale.

Depending on the brand, road bike wheels reviewed here can handle riders up to 130 kg for instance. Before buying any wheels, check if they are strong enough to support your weight.

In other words, check the maximum rider weight to see whether they can support your weight. Road bike wheels have rims that will remain functional for thousands of miles.

Strong wheels will give you ability to break easily unlike a poor quality wheel set. Another advantage of strength of wheels is that they will not break on the road when you are racing or riding.

High quality wheel set reviewed here are durable, strong and will offer value for your money. In fact, strong wheels are preferred in areas with potholes and rough road.

Anatomy of the Wheels

Wheels are the most important parts of a bike. This is because they are the ones that are in contact with the ground and hence it is extremely crucial that you purchase only the best.

Wheels also support the weight of the rider and accelerate depending on how a rider pedals. They therefore determine the quality of a ride.

The Hubs

The hub is one of the important components of a wheel. It is a central component of a wheel on where the wheels rotate on.


Wheel bearings are the components that facilitate the hub to rotate on the wheel axle. There are 3 different types of bearing. They include cone, cartridge and cup bearings. Cartridge bearings are the ones that are popular in modern bikes because they are simple to install and require no maintenance.

For the best performance of your bike, buy bearings that are made of ceramic because they are the smoothest and roundest.


They are also one of the important components of a bike. They provide the support needed to the rim and even distribute pressure evenly on the wheels. The spokes of most wheels reviewed here are either flat or round.

Flat spokes are the most popular because they offer aerodynamic advantages as well as improving strength of a bike.

Factor to consider when buying Road best bike Wheels for the Money

Bikes are precious means of transport and so it is extremely important that you consider some factors before upgrading wheels for them. Bikes are not only a depiction of class and style but are a means of transport to some people.

There are good reasons why people need to upgrade their wheels. First, most people upgrade their bicycles wheels so they can match the look and also perform same with their bikes. Others upgrade because the whiles are old.

It is also advisable to buy strong wheels if you commute everyday on rough roads. Professional riders need to buy wheels that are lightweight and aerodynamic in order to perform better in their races.

Here are some factors to consider before choosing the road bike wheels for the money.

  • Look and constructions of wheels
  • Functionality of the wheels
  • Type of tires
  • Width of the Rim

Look and constructions of wheels

The construction of a wheel is an important factor to consider. All road bike wheels have a hub in the middle that contains the bearings for the spokes to attach. This aids the road bike wheel to turn easily and rim to fit inside the tire.

Modern wheels have less number of spokes and deep rims. This kind of construction of wheels improves aerodynamics of the bike.

In some modern wheels, spokes are flattened to improve cutting through the air while riding. Do not forget to check if the wheel’s rims are made up of Aluminum or Carbon. Carbon wheels are more popular these days than Aluminum because of their high performance.

Weight and Dynamics

It is extremely important to purchase light weight wheels if you participate in sports with your bike. Light weight wheels offer excellent speeds and do not require the riders to accelerate a lot in order to gain speed.Light weight wheels withstand cross winds better than heavy wheels.

Functionality of the Bike Wheels

Wheels are categorized according to their use. There are wheels specifically made for bike racers, mountain climbing, deep section aerodynamic wheels and touring wheels. Knowing what type of a rider are you or your needs will simply and narrow your choice.

Climbing Wheels

Wheels suited for climbing are often designed lightweight. Climbing wheels generally have shallow profile rim and less number of spokes. When a wheel is below 1600g, it is in the climbing category.Superlight climbing wheels should feel good and light on the road when riding.

Aerodynamic Wheels

Aerodynamic wheels have gained immense popularity these days. This is because they feature a deeper section rim which has a superior performance against the wind. Most of the aerodynamic are made from carbon fibers in order to be lightweight.

Speed is a priority in racing bikes and the wheels should offer aerodynamics benefits. A rim of 50mm or more is needed to cut through the wind.

Training Wheels

Training requires wheels that are strong and durable. Speed and low weight are not priority here but strength in order for them to take a beating.

Rims of a training bike are likely to wear out quickso it is advisable to purchase alloy training wheels which are also cheaper. You can also buy carbon wheels like the road bike wheels for the money reviewed here.

For this type of usage, you can buy wheels weighing around 1500 to 1800 grams.

Adventure Wheels

This type of wheels requires strength, wide rims and tires. Adventure may include riding on back country roads, rough roads, some mountain climbing and even gravel riding.

This calls for a good touring wheel set that is strong, durable and made of materials that is not likely to wear out.

Road bike wheels have superior quality and easily serviceable. They should have wide rims, tires and a high spoke count of 28 to 32 mm.

Type of tires

Which are the best types of tires for mountain climbing, road and cyclo cross bikes? This is one of the common questions that worry most bikers. Here is important information that will help you make the right purchasing decision.

There are 3 types of tires and each requires a specific rim. There are tubeless tires, tires with tubes inside called clincher tires and tubular tires.

Clincher Road bike Wheels


Clincher wheels have inner tubes which are easier to install and maintain.

There is also huge variety of Clincher road bike wheels to choose from. This means that they are readily available for purchase.


They are prone to punctures unlike tubeless tires and this can negatively affect your ride

Clincher wheels have been around for ages especially for their affordability and availability on retail stores. Should you choose to buy them, go only for renowned brands that will guarantee high performance of the wheels.

However, Clincher road bike wheels are not perfect for cross country competition, rough roads or climbing mountains because of their susceptibility to puncture.

Tubeless Road Bike wheels

Tubeless tires have been designed with a technology that uses no inner tube inside. The technology has been employed in mountain biking mostly.


They allow low operating pressures in the tiresThey don’t have flat tires problems as a result of puncture like tubular wheels

As the name suggest, they are designed with no tubes. Instead, tubeless road bike wheels use tire and rim to form an airtight chamber. They don’t have tubes inside hence are not susceptible to puncture making them perfect for rough roads, mountain climbing and racing on countryside.

These types of tires have an amazing ability of self repairing smaller holes with the help of liquid latex based sealant. This is absolutely big advantage to riders in bad roads that have needles, thorns and goat heads.

The tires of tubeless road bike wheels are manufactured with a tough material that is hard to pinch. Due to this, they have no problem running at lower operating pressures which is a big issue with tubular wheels.

With this wheel advantage, you can ride on a long distance without having to worry about your tires going flat because of low pressure. The wheels always deliver fantastic performance and can support the heavy weight of their riders.

Tubular road bike Wheels

Tubular tires differ with Clincher tires due to the way the tube is mounted to the tire. Basically, the tube is glued to the rims and is part of it. The tube and the tire become one piece unlike with Clincher are 2 pieces; tire and tube.

These kinds of tires are less common. Because they are glued to the rims, they are not easy to replace. In fact, it is recommended that bike racers carry a spare tire in case you get a puncture on the road.

Verdict of these types of wheelsClinchers are more common type of wheels that can be found in any retail store. They are much easier to fix and replace on the road than tubular road bike wheels. This is an important aspect that you should remember when buying the top rated road bike wheels.

If you love riding on rough terrains, it is advisable to buy tubeless wheels which you don’t have to worry about low pressure or flat tires. For normal cycling, you can buy Clincher or tubular wheels.

Ways to Maintain the Road Bike Wheels

After investing on new wheels for your bike, it is also important to maintain them in order for them to last for a long time. Here are few things to keep in mind in order to maintain your new wheels.

  • Checking tension of the spokes
  • Cleaning brake pads
  • Using proper pads for best cantilever brakes
  • Checking free hub
  • Managing the rims

Using Proper Pads for Brakes

Most of the road bike wheels reviewed here are sold with their brake pads. Wheels that are manufactured with carbon rims require carbon brake pads. Ensure that you use the right brake pad.

Using incorrect brake pads can damage the braking system of your bike.

Cleaning the Brake Pads

It is very common to find your bike with dirt and grit after a long ride. Dirt on your brake pad can damage them and so it is important to be cleaning them. The debris is easy to be picked up on the brake pad and wheels while riding hence it is advisable to be on the lookout for this.

Brake pads require you to maintain them regularly to avoid damaged brake pads which can affecting braking.

No water for the hubs

The hubs should not be cleaned with water washers. Also, do not subject your wheels to high pressure water because this can break the hubs and water can get into the bearings. Clean your hubs using soapy water and with a scrubber brush.

Checking free hub and Bearings

With proper maintenance, your bearings can stay for a long time before wearing out. Be cleaning and even replacing grease once a year. Do not forget to replace your bearings as well when they wear out.

Checking Tension of the spokes

It is important that you keep checking the tension of your wheel’s spokes. If your bike features disk brakes wheels, check for loss of tension of the spokes as this can cause brake vibration which creates funny noise. Seek professional help if you encounter this problem.


The best 5 road bike wheels reviewed here are one of the most popular upgrades. They are guaranteed to improve the performance of your bike when you install them. Often, people replace their old wheels because are under performing, heavy, they have bad quality or are damaged.

Superteam Carbon Fiber Road Bike Wheels, MTB Mountain Bike Bicycle wheels, SunRise Bike 25mm U-Shape Wheels, Sunrise Bike Carbon Road Wheels and ICAN Carbon Road Bike 700C Wheels reviewed here are light weight, durable, affordable and are made up of highest quality materials.

If you want to ride faster, go for one of these cheap road bike wheels. First they have good aerodynamics and have rims that are designed to cut well through the wind. This is important for good speed.

With these 5 wheels, you can choose between clinchers, tubeless or even tubular that will match with your bike. Wheels are important part of your bike and so it is important that you choose the best wheel set that will solve all your bike problems.

If you are doing a lot of commuting from your home to work with a bike, ensure you invest in a good wheel set. It should have pretty remarkable structural efficiency and carry your own weight.They are perfect if they are made of carbon like the wheels reviewed above because of their high performance.

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