the need for trendy sit down bikes

The Need for Trendy Sit Down Bikes

There are multitudes of exercise machines out there that are capable of improving one’s physique. It is important to note though that a little research is required before zeroing in your choice of equipment. You have to consider several factors first such as your health, capability, and even the space you have where you will […]

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increase the number of calories burned on recumbent bike

Increase the Number of Calories Burned on Recumbent Bike

Recumbent bikes are one of the most popular low impact exercise equipment today. People just love the relaxed, slightly reclining position of their bodies when using the equipment and the ability to watch their favorite TV shows or read a novel while doing their workouts. With its back support, this bike is even suitable for […]

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best recumbent bike for seniors

Choosing the Right Recumbent Bike for Seniors

Choosing the Best Recumbent Bike for SeniorsIt’s fascinating to know that there is one great stationary bike that can make the whole family live a healthy life. You can easily find machines and equipment in the market today that can help you lose weight and build strong muscles. However, most exercise machines are made only […]

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Make a Fitness Plan You Will Stick With in 2019

“Get in better shape” is probably the most-resolved New Year’s vow each January, and the one most often abandoned. It’s such a struggle to make it happen, despite best intentions. As failed workout plans pile up, or expensive equipment purchases gather dust, it’s easy to become discouraged and decide that you will never be able […]

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