Top 5 Chest And Back Workouts To Do At Home without Weights

top 5 chest and back workouts to do at home without weights

Luckily for you, the idea that the chest and back cannot be worked on without going to the gym or at least using some kind of dumbbells is a myth. There are many effective exercises that you can do to build the muscles in your chest and back that don’t need any weights or fancy machines.

The Benefit of Building an Outdoor Home Gym

the benefit of building an outdoor home gym

The yard or even garage is an excellent location for a gym set up as it allows you to get fresh air as you work out. Plus, it doesn’t require you allocate specific space within the house for the gym.

Workouts To Complement Your Running Routine

workouts to complement your running routine

In order to improve overall speed and endurance, runners should consider adding cross-training workouts to their running routines. Workout such as yoga, swimming, cycling, weight training, and walking all have benefits to overall runner realth and strength. In addition, these workouts can help prevent injury and boost metabolism.

10 Home Gym Must-Haves For Your Home

home gym must-haves for your home

This list of home gym must-haves will have you on your way to either building or improving your home gym. These gears will allow you to get the most out of a home gym.

The Difference Between Cross-Training Shoes and Running Shoes

the difference between cross-training shoes and running shoes

There are numerous differences between the two, which you should have already picked up. Running shoes are suitable mostly for running while cross-training shoes can be used for different training activities and even running as long as you don’t need to run more than 3K.