The Benefit of Building an Outdoor Home Gym

As humans become more and more dependent on technology, getting the daily dose of exercise that is required is becoming harder. From children to adults, obesity has become more of a problem in the past few decades. Most adults use the excuse of not having time to go to the gym. However, that should not be a valid excuse. You can now build a gym at home that will allow you to stay active and fit.

If not having enough space in your home is an excuse, have you considered making an outdoor gym in your backyard? The yard or even garage is an excellent location for a gym set up as it allows you to get fresh air as you work out. Plus, it doesn't require you allocate specific space within the house for the gym. 

How Working Outdoors in Beneficial For You

man working out with dumbbells

Regular exercise has its benefit, which impacts our quality of life and overall health. However, working out outdoors adds to those benefits. The sunlight provides our body with Vitamin D, which are essential for healthy teeth and bones. Additionally, daily sunlight exposure should provide enough Vitamin D for a healthy lifestyle. 

The exposure to air also has a positive impact on our body. Fresh air allows your body to relax and tends to lead to more happiness. Combining the fresh air and sunlight, you have more source of energy which helps you to work out for a more extended period outdoors. 

Building a gym outdoor presents you with more space, with easily installed exercise stations and a chance to open your gym to others. You can invite neighbors and friends over to work out with you making your workout routine much more enjoyable. 

Preparing The Space For a Gym

Picking the spot and preparing it for a gym is probably going to be the toughest decision you have to make. You need a spot with proper flooring, or you should install flooring, so your equipment has an appropriate base. It is best to pave the place where you intend to have your gym, this way you can floor it with rubber or foam.  If you plan on having workout machines with benches and weights, this is essential. If you plan on having workout stations traditionally found in parks, then paving the floor isn't necessary. 

Rubber is probably the best option for flooring, as it doesn't absorb water, so you don't have to worry about mildew or mold. Covering the floor protects you from injury and will keep dust from easily getting on you or the equipment as you work out. If you decide not to pave the area and install rubber flooring, then you can use artificial grass to cover the area also. But it is essential to cover the area adequately, so dirt is not exposed to the equipment. 

The location of your outdoor home gym should be away from trees; you don't want to continually clean leaves, branches, bird droppings, or risk the tree falling on the equipment. If it rains a lot in your locality then shading the area will be necessary. If it doesn't rain too often, then you can opt for not having a shed or roof, but be aware that you risk the longevity of the equipment if you don’t cover the area.

Getting the Right Equipment

The fact that you have decided to build an outdoor home gym would mean that you are familiar with the gym equipment. However, for an outdoor gym, you can't just go with any equipment you find. You need to understand that the equipment will be exposed to water, a lot of sunlight, air, amongst other things. You need material that can easily withstand exposure to such things.

Home Gym Essential

To ensure you get the right material, make sure that the equipment is steel galvanized, so corrosion is not a problem. Rather than getting benches, racks, and stands that use steel, you can find some that use wood or other material. Note that steel isn't entirely off limit and most will opt for it. Just make sure you take proper care of the equipment you get. 

You may also want to consider not opting for items that require weights altogether. Instead buy equipment that allows you to target your core, working out your muscles at the same time. You can install monkey bars for pull-ups and other workouts. You will find complete workout stations that have a dip station, monkey bars, and other stations for squats, push-ups and so on. These use galvanized steel, so you don't have to worry about the stations rusting away or corroding.  You find them at local parks also, so you know they can take the wear and tear from the weather without giving out. 

Equipment suggestions for your outdoor home gym:

  • Barbell with rubber weights, versus steel corroded by water and sunlight exposure, rubber weights will last longer
  • Adjustable dumbbells, so you don’t need a rack and a whole bunch of dumbbell pairs
  • Benches made of wood or galvanized steel are available
  • Functional cage made with either wood or galvanized steel
  • Workout Stations with monkey bar, dip station and so on
  • Yoga mat for yoga, pushups and core exercises

When you decide to build an outdoor home gym, you allow yourself to be more creative with your gym space. You can do a lot more outdoors as you tend to have more space to work with and can use equipment that you can't install indoors, like monkey bars for example. You need to be careful if you decide to use weights and bars that they can take exposure to sunlight and the rain. If not, then chances are the equipment won't last long. Planning is crucial and the tips provided should help you in your task of setting up an outdoor home gym.

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