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Weight Belts

Best Weight Lifting Belts Reviews and Guide for 2018

Quick Navigation Who Should Use a Weight Lifting Belt?Don’t use a weight lifting belt if…Do use a weight lifting belt because…What Kind of Weight Lifting Belt Should I Use?Types of Weight Lifting BeltsMaterials UsedThicknessesFastenersWhat are the Best Weight Lifting Belts for Cross Fit and Recreational Athletes?Rogue Fitness CrossFit and Weightlifting BeltHarbinger Weight Lifting BeltElement 26 […]

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Man tying shoes before working out

Top 10 Best Cross Training Shoes For Men and Women In 2018

When it comes to the shoes you wear daily, we all know not all shoes are created equal. Some are designed specifically for hiking. Others are meant to help give you an edge when running. Just as you wouldn’t wear high heels or hiking boots to run a marathon, you probably wouldn’t wear your running […]

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