DIY Home Gym Equipment Ideas

Is it hard for you to find the time to go to the gym? Or maybe you have grown tired of the rush at your gym and need more quiet as you work out? Not having the time, or becoming tired of your gym, doesn't require giving up working out altogether. You can quickly establish a gym at home which will allow you to keep your fitness regime without the hassles of going to the gym.

However, before you take that leap, you should be prepared and plan otherwise you will fall into the cliche of overspending on fitness equipment or getting equipment that you don't require. This guide will help you figure out what you need for your home gym. But before you move forward with it, the first thing you need to think about is whether a home gym is ideal for you? Some gym-goers draw motivation from others, and if you don't like to train alone, then a home gym is not for you. 

Well, if you decided to continue to read that means you have thought it through and wanted to proceed with a home gym. There are two things you need to consider from the start, the budget and gym space.


Budget is key to your home gym, and you don't have to splurge on a home gym, in fact, we recommend keeping your budget as low as possible. Too many people spend money on a home gym without planning first, which ends up being quite costly. You can quickly establish a gym within a $1,000-$2,000 budget with all the equipment you need. Also, you don't need to buy all the equipment all at once. The gym evolves with time, so there is no need to spend thousands of dollars upfront. 


Selecting a space for your gym is essential, you want to ensure that you have plenty of room for your equipment, allowing for smooth movement. Too little space will mean you can't perform a lot of exercises and rendering the gym pointless. You also want to work on the aesthetics of the room, tailoring it, so you are driven to workout in it, motivating you to exercise every day.

The Essentials

No matter the gym you envision, there are a few essentials needed for any gym.

Weights and Barbell

The barbell and weights are the foundation of any gym. These are the most basic equipment you need for any weightlifting which enables you to perform various exercises. Remember that a few decades ago, they didn't have such extensive workout equipment and yet Arnold Schwarzenegger was still able to sculpt his body. All thanks to barbells and weights.

weights and barbell

You can find different types of barbells, and we recommend getting the Olympic bar, which is 7 feet and sturdy to take on more weights. With the help of barbells, you can perform exercises that target every part of your body from your chest to your legs. As far as the weighted plates go, for safety reason, the rubber plates are a better option, as they are more comfortable on the floor when dropped. But keep in mind that they do cost a bit more.

Dumbbells and kettlebells are, but you can opt for one over the other if you have a limited budget. We recommend dumbbells as they allow you to target specific muscle groups at a time and are more staple to home gyms than kettlebells.


You can’t buy a barbell without a bench; the two go hand in hand. The bench allows you to perform an exercise that targets your arms or chest with ease while also giving you a platform to sit and perform back exercises. You don't want to skimp on the bench as a lot of your workouts will be conducted on it. Get a sturdy bench that will last so it can easily hold your weighted barbell and not give out. It should also be adjustable so you can decline and incline the bench, so it targets different parts of your chest. 

If you prefer to make a bench on your own, this guide tells you how you can easily create an incline bench. 


The flooring is essential for two reasons; it provides you with a slightly cushioned platform to work out from while also serves to give longer life to weights and your equipment. You want a soft flooring that isn't too thick. A functional layer of foam tends to get the job done well and isn't expensive either. Having such a floor will also allow you to efficiently perform stretches, yoga, along with other activities that require you to get on the ground without having to worry about a mat.

Pull-up Bar

You can easily make your pull-up bar for the ultimate back and shoulder exercise. Using steel pipes, you can easily create a pull-up bar and hang it over a beam that can bear the weight. This guide will help you do that.

Medicine Ball

You can perform a lot of core exercised with the help of a medicine ball, and it isn't hard to make on your own. All you have to do is drill a basketball, fill it with sand and then cover the hole. You then have a medicine ball you can easily use for different core exercises.

medicine ball


While buying a stationary bike or treadmill can seem motivating to run more, we recommend you fight the urge. If you genuinely want to do some cardio workout then save some money and go out and run. It will be better for you as you will get fresh air and a change of scenery in the process.

These tips and guides should have you well on your way to your home gym. Now, its time you pay attention to your workout program and technique to ensure you don't injure yourself while working out.