Exercises You Can Do At Home To Lose Weight

Are you sick of putting on the pounds with no resistance? Want to start getting fit but don't have time for the gym? No worries- you can exercise at home and lose weight fast.

Exercising at home doesn't take a lot of investment. You can find cheap equipment everywhere, be it on Craigslist or even the local WalMart. Not to mention all the exercises you can do at home completely free with no equipment whatsoever. If you're ready to get started, here's a beginner's guide for how you can exercise at home to lose weight fast.

1. Cardio Machines

This one will be the most costly, but it also yields the greatest results. If you get a recumbent exercise bike, treadmill or cross trainer for your home, you can do cardio whenever you want. All it takes is setting aside half an hour in the morning or evening to get your cardio done.

You can often find cheap cardio machines on sites like eBay and Craigslist. A lot of people give them away for cheap when they're moving out or clearing out the house. But investing in a sturdy and comfortable machine can be an investment in your health, so don't hesitate.

You can boost your results fast with this. Set it up in front of the TV and you could find yourself shedding those calories for an hour while you watch your favorite Netflix shows. High-intensity interval training is another method that can help- sprint for half a minute then take a minute's rest and repeat the process until you hit 20 minutes. You'll be losing at least two pounds a week every week if you stay committed.

2. YouTube Home Cardio Workouts

Just like with fitness videos and DVDs, you can hit YouTube for plenty of fun and free home cardio workouts. These often involve things like aerobics and stretching. What's more, watching and exercising along will keep you motivated to keep going until the very end.

You can lose a lot of weight with these and the choice of what you do is all yours. If you want to mix things up, you could do a dancing workout one day and an abs workout the next. You could build muscle and flexibility while also shedding your stomach fat.

3. Bodyweight Exercises

Bodyweight exercises will give you a huge boost in strength and endurance. But if you work hard enough, they could also help you lose weight.

bodyweight exercises

It's free and easy to do push-ups, sit-ups, planks, and bodyweight squats. You'll get a full body workout while also sweating off the pounds. Work your way up on these- start off small and see how much you can build up over time. The more you do, the more calories you'll burn. Plus, you'll see some impressive changes to your body.

If you want to take things the extra step, invest in a pull-up bar. These are cheap and can hang up on any door. They provide a huge workout for your biceps, back, and even your abs, so you can tone up while you keep losing weight.

4. Jump Rope

Playing jump rope isn't just for the playground. Actually, this exercise is one of the most powerful home workouts for losing weight. Learn to do it fast and you'll be sweating off the pounds like nobody's business.

Of course, all it takes is buying a jump rope, which costs practically nothing. It may be tricky at first, but over time you'll find yourself doing a hundred jumps super fast.

Boxers often use this exercise to improve their speed, stamina, and coordination. If it's good enough for them, it's good enough for anyone.

5. Trampolining

Did you know that this fun activity is also an incredible home exercise that can help you lose weight? It's true. A 30-minute trampoline workout can burn 126 calories. Considering how thrilling it is, you might want to stay on longer.

The advantage this home exercise has over the others is it doesn't feel like a workout. Sure, you'll be exhausted after a while, but you'll be enjoying it too much to care.

You can find trampolines for your backyard for surprisingly cheap. You can even get a mini-trampoline for inside the house. It's a powerful workout that can build muscle tone and improve your cardio.

6. Yoga

You've probably heard all the hype about yoga. It's actually true. Yoga has been scientifically proven to help build muscle tone, lose weight, and even help you relax. With all these benefits, it's hard to say no.

yoga exercise

All you need for yoga is the floor, but you could get a cheap yoga mat at any supermarket. Look for beginner poses and routines on Google and YouTube to get started right away.

A study found you can burn around 180 calories for a 30-minute yoga session. But no one's stopping you from going for longer. It'll make you flexible, lean, and relaxed. What more could you ask for?

7. Vibration Trainer

This is a unique one. A Vibration Trainer is a machine you simply hold while you vibrate. So surely you don't lose much weight, right? Actually, a 30-minute session can burn around 150 calories.

It's fascinating how these work. A Vibration Trainer actives all of your muscles at once, which helps your body burn fat. It's a strange concept and an even stranger sensation, but it's been proven to work.

The only drawback is the cost. Vibration Trainers can cost hundreds. However, you can also get Vibration Plates, a smaller and much cheaper alternative.


All of these home workouts are fantastic for helping you lose weight fast. If you want to speed up your progress, be sure to fine-tune your diet. If you're eating too much, chances are you won't lose weight no matter what you try.

These exercises, in addition to a moderate diet, will give you the results you want fast. While it's summer, you might just want to go out for a run, but these exercises will be especially helpful in the winter. Good luck with your body goals and enjoy!.