Shed pounds and inhibitions.

I was out at The Tipsy Pig last night and had one too many. I’m having a hard time waking up. What should I do?

We’ve all been there. What you can do is get your butt out of bed! Nothing cures a hangover like a good morning run. And don’t you want to keep those abs in shape so you’re lookin’ good when Ms/Mr Right sidles up to the bar?

Breakfast: such a conundrum. Should I eat before class? What if you make me run stairs? Should I NOT eat before class? What if you make me run stairs?

We both know you’re going to run stairs, so you best seek some sustenance. Try a piece of whole grain toast slathered with peanut butter and jam.

It’s raining! If we go outside we’ll get wet! Class is cancelled, right?

Class is never cancelled. (Unless it’s cancelled, in which case you’ll get advanced notice.) Working out in the rain is one of life’s secret pleasures. Try it once, and you’ll find yourself wishing for more rain days. You can also workout in your own home by doing push up, sit up, pull up, lifting dumbbells or even treadmill if you have one.