Top 10 Exercises That Burn The Most Calories to Lose Weight Fast

Looking to lose weight fast? Instead of spending hours doing things that don't work, focus on the most effective exercises for burning calories. Sure, any kind of strenuous physical activity will help you get closer to your dream body. However, there's a world of difference between the occasional walk and an intense swimming routine.

In fact, many studies have been carried out into the average calories burned by different exercises. Most forms of cardio are in the same ballpark of around 400-800 calories per hour, but there are definitely some that are more effective than others. Here are the top 10 exercises that burn the most calories.

1. Running

Out of the regular methods of cardio, running is still the king. According to stats from LiveScience, an hour of running on the treadmill can burn from 870-1,039 calories depending on your weight. Running uphill or high-intensity running will burn even more.

But you don't have to run steadily for an hour, either. Doing a 20 minute HIIT routine, alternating between sprints and jogs, can result in burning around 250 calories. Plus, you can enjoy the outdoors and tone up your legs. There are also many different exercises you can do to help you become a better runner.

2. Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is another intense exercise that benefits your entire body. You'll have to use your arms, legs, shoulders, and back to pull your body up, resulting in huge strength gains. As you can imagine, all of that bodywork will also result in a lot of lost weight.

rock climbing

If you rock climb continuously for an hour with minimum rest, you could burn up to 900 calories. This makes it one of the most powerful exercises all around, especially when it comes to burning calories. For the huge boost in strength, endurance, and overall fitness you'll also get, this work out is well worth it.

3. Swimming

Swimming is an amazing exercise. It involves practically every muscle in your body. This will help you with toning while also providing a powerful, calorie-burning cardio routine.

It can depend on what kind of stroke you use, but swimming at a steady pace can result in around 400 calories burned per half hour. Front stroke and breaststroke can burn 700 calories an hour when done fast. But butterfly stroke is the most effective, allowing you to burn up to 800 calories an hour.

4. Jump Rope

Jump rope isn't just something kids do on the playground- it's actually one of the most intense exercises all around! You can burn over 10 calories a minute with a jump rope routine. If you jump at a steady pace, you could burn up to 700 calories an hour.

Of course, it can take a lot out of you, and you probably won't want to jump for an hour non-stop. But 10 minutes of jump rope here and there can easily add up, helping you strengthen your legs and burn fat fast.

5. Kettlebell Circuits

Kettlebell circuits involve using all parts of your body to lift moderate weights. As you can imagine, this is great for adding a few extra pounds of lean muscle mass. It will also help you lose weight.

A study by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) found that just 20 minutes of a Kettlebell snatch routine (lifting kettlebells overhead) can result in a 400 calorie burn. That means you could burn up to 1,200 calories an hour! Of course, this can be strenuous, making it very well-suited to those who want a quick, 20-minute routine that will burn calories while building muscle.

6. Rowing

Rowing is another good choice for those who want a solid cardio workout. You might not have access to a full rowboat and team, but rowing machines are widely available in gyms.

rowing workout

A rowing machine can burn up to 700 calories in an hour depending on your body weight. Rowing machines have options to change the resistance, so you can also get a good arm work out while burning off fat.

7. Cycling

Cycling is another common choice that's simple, effective, and burns a whole lot of calories. Research by The Cleveland Clinic estimates that you can burn 500 calories within an hour of cycling at 10mph. You can burn even more if you go hard.

Getting a bike and enjoying nature is one option. However, plenty of stationary bikes are also available, allowing you to add extra resistance and burn more calories. You can also get recumbent bikes which take the strain off your back while still allowing you to build your legs. You can find a list of the best recumbent bike here.

8. Stairs

Stair climbing can be a highly effective workout. According to a study by Harvard Health Publications, a 185-pound adult can burn 532 calories in an hour of stair climbing. It's also great for your legs and cardiovascular endurance.

You don't need to run up and down regular stairs. You can often find stepping machines in the gym or even get one for your home. These can provide a great workout.

9. Yoga

If you want a low-impact workout that still helps you burn calories, yoga is the way to go. It can help your body in all kinds of ways- increasing blood flow, flexibility, strength, and even reducing stress.

yoga exercise

A 60-minute yoga routine can burn anywhere from 200-600 calories on average. It depends on your body type and the kind of poses you can do. But rest assured, no matter what kind of yoga you take part in, it'll have great effects for your body.

10. Aerobics

Aerobics can also help you burn calories without being too vigorous on the body. People often take part in aerobics classes in their local gym or fitness center.

There are all kinds of different aerobics routines, from step-ups to boxercise. In general, you can burn around 250 calories in 30-minutes of moderate-paced aerobic activity. It's a good choice for someone who wants a healthy way to lose weight without going too hard on the body.


These are ten of the most effective exercises to burn the most calories. All of them can result in massive weight loss over time, so try a few out and decide what's best for you. Some might prefer cycling over running. Maybe swimming is your thing. Whichever way, they will have fantastic benefits for weight loss, fitness, and your overall health.