Use Recumbent Exercise Bikes To Melt Your Post-Christmas Belly Fat Fast

recumbent exercise bikes

It’s a brand new year which is a perfect reason enough to start yet another New Year’s resolution, which you might hopefully follow this time. If you’re the average Jane or Joe who indulged in carbo and booze a little bit more than you should during the holidays, one of the items on your list must be to get physical fit this year or, at least erase that unsightly post-Christmas beer belly.

Which means that you’ll need to work out to melt the excess pounds you gained from all those Christmas feastings. Here’s a tip to help you easily get your body back to its top shape – use recumbent exercise bikes for your workouts that is found here. Here are the top reasons why this equipment could help you manage your weight.

They are comfortable

Unlike upright stationary bikes, you will be more comfortable when exercising using the recumbent bikes. The seat is more comfy and even offers back support so those with back issues could still use it. In addition, you’ll be in a very relaxing position when using the equipment, which could encourage you to stick to your routine and even do your workouts for longer periods.

You can multitask when using the equipment

Sometimes, workouts might be in the way of one of your favorite pastimes such as watching a soccer game or you’re favorite TV soap. If a soccer or TV show fan were to choose between a soccer game or a workout, most will probably ditch the latter resulting to a disruption in their workout routine and losing the momentum and drive to get fit.

But that won’t be a problem when you have a recumbent bike at your home since you can multitask. Some users watch their soaps or soccer games on TV while others read books or participate in games with their family or do their knitting while doing their workouts at the same time. The point is, you won’t miss the fun while reaching your fitness goals. As a result, recumbent bike workouts will no longer feel like a chore but an enjoyable activity that you look forward to each time.

You can train your whole body

Some fitness enthusiasts have this misconception that recumbent exercise bikes can only be used to train the muscle groups of the lower part of the body. But that is actually not the case at all. With a little creativity, you can use the bike for a whole body workout.

use recumbent bikes

To achieve this, you can use dumbbells while doing your bike workout. While pedaling on the bike, incorporate bicep curls, upright rows, front raises, side raises and shoulder presses to include the upper part of your body in the workout. With more muscles exerting effort, you’ll be able to burn calories faster and melt your belly fat sooner than you realize.

Your exercise routine won’t be weather dependent

Depending on the exercise routine you currently follow, the weather may have a major impact on how diligent you are in sticking to your fitness plan. For instance, joggers who love to exercise outdoors won’t be able to do their routine when unexpected rain or snow happens. Even gym goers can be affected since it may be too inconvenient for them to go to the gym due to bad weather.

But it won’t affect those who have recumbent exercise bikes at home. They can set the bike indoors and do their workouts regardless of what the weather outside may be. This results in more consistent workouts making it easier for them to achieve their fitness goals.

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