What is a Recumbent Bike?

what is a recumbent bike

If you have been going to the gym, or you are fond of working out, you might have seen different types of bike around. Each bike provides a distinct feature and one of the most used by people nowadays is the Recumbent Bike.

A Recumbent Bike is a type of stationary bike that is more comfortable than the Upright Bike. It has many features and advantages which consumers really like.

However, some people are getting confused as to what are the differences between upright bikes and recumbent bikes have. Or, what is the perfect type of bike they should use while inside the gym or in their house.

Look no more as this article will provide you with the most important information. In fact, this might help you get to know Recumbent Bikes further.

Recumbent Bikes Features

  • Larger Seat - This feature allows the user to sit comfortably while doing their exercise. It has enough space which makes it easier for anyone to complete their routine.
  • Reclined Body Position - You can now watch your favorite show while doing your exercise since Recumbent Bikes are in a reclined position. This makes it easier for anyone to sit as if they are in a regular chair!
  • Pedals are in front - There is no need to torture yourself just to be able to exercise. With this feature, your legs will be comfortable as you do not need to stretch it too much for you to reach it.
  • No Impact - If you are trying to recover from an injury or if you just want a lighter exercise, then, Recumbent Bikes are perfect for you. It is because there is not much pressure and it is ideal even if you are in your own home.
  • Cardio Options - Every Recumbent Bike, whatever brand may it be, has options for you to choose whether you would want an intense workout or you just want to use your bike for warm-up purposes.
  • More often than not, the new versions of the recumbent exercise bikes  will allow you to choose a program that will be perfect for your needs at the moment.
  • Adjustable Resistance Level - This feature will help in making your routine more challenging without having to increase your speed. You can definitely adjust it if you feel like doing an intense workout and still be able to return it to its original setting.

Most likely by now, you are already enlightened by some of its features. It’s time to walk you through on how to use a Recumbent Bicycle.

How to use a Recumbent Bike?

What is a recumbent Bike
  • Adjust Your Seat - Usually, you just need to adjust your seat by sliding it forward or backward. Make sure that your legs can reach the pedal but it should also not be too close.
  • Adjusting your seat is one of the most vital steps in doing this workout. Remember, if you are comfortable with your position, chances are, your workout will be more effective. 
  • Stretch - Before riding the Recumbent Exercise Bike, you have to stretch your muscles. Just like in any other exercise, you are required to do simple stretching so that your muscles will not get overwhelmed with your workout.
  • Try leg swings, lunges, side bends, knee highs to extend your muscles. Ideally, you can spend 5 minutes on this step.
  • Warm Up on Your Bike - Now that you’ve stretched out your muscles, it is time for you to get on your recumbent exercise bike and try to pedal lightly at a slow steady pace. After 5 minutes, try to gradually increase your speed.
  • With this step, it will allow you to increase your body temperature and will help your muscles relax and be ready for your workout.
  • Sustain Proper Posture - This step should not be forgotten because it is very important to keep your proper posture throughout the workout.
  • Having proper posture can help you burn more calories and aside from that, it prevents you from injuries.
  • All you need to do is to maintain the position of your back to be aligned at the back of the seat. DO NOT SLOUCH. Make sure not to lean forward because it will cause muscle imbalances.
  • Select the Appropriate Resistance Level - Do not get too excited and set the resistance too high. If you do, you will get tired faster and possibly, you will not finish your workout.
  • My advice is for you to select a slow pace at first then try to adjust higher when you start to get comfortable in pedaling. Do it gradually to reap the maximum health gains without getting injured.
  • Choose the Correct Duration - Pedaling for 5 minutes will not do much for you especially if you are trying to lose weight. So, make sure to choose the right duration for you to achieve your goals.
  • Ideally, 30 minutes (5 days per week) has many health advantages for you.

Tips While Using Recumbent Bikes

  • Get busy! - Personally, I like watching my favorite show while using recumbent bikes or upright bikes. It actually makes the time pass by quickly! Some of my friends like reading or simply listening to music.
  • Still, it depends on whether you want to get busy or you want to count and watch every second passing by.
  • Visit the Gym - Try going to the gym from time to time because seeing other people working hard like you keeps you motivated.
  • If you do not have your own Recumbent Bike and you are thinking of getting one, then paying a visit to the nearest gym and trying it will be your best option to know if it will suit your needs!

Final Thoughts

Recumbent Bike is the best exercise equipment for people who want to enjoy the comfort of working out in their homes.

This equipment is also for everyone because it is very easy to use. You can adjust your pace and the resistance level depending on your preference.

Still, it is entirely up to you to decide whether you think buying the best recumbent exercise bike is something you should invest on right now.

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